Claber 8744 Rectamatic 18 Oscillating Sprinkler with Brass Nozzles

This heavy duty oscillating sprinkler has 5 preset watering settings (half front, half back, center, semi-full, full area) for coverage up to 3,400 square feet. Patented turbine gear system results in a reliable performance with high and low pressure from 14.5 PSI to 58 PSI. A removable side panel makes cleaning the internal gears of mineral and dirt deposit easy. The aluminum spray bar with 18 brass nozzles provides uniform coverage from wide lawns to narrow areas such as rectangular sized gardens. Spray bar is also removable for cleaning and includes plastic cleaning pin which is inserted at the end. Includes quick-connect hose adapter with water-stop feature for automatic water shut off when sprinkler is removed from hose. Impact resistant, ABS and aluminum construction. Unit is 100% quality controlled during manufacturing process. 2-year warranty. Made in Italy. Should not be exposed at temperature below 37.4°F.

Ray Padula RP-SIST-S Select It Supreme Metal 2-in-1 Sprinkler

A Brilliant Convenience. Here's the one sprinkler to purchase when you're looking for just one – a sprinkler to adequately irrigate numerous types of foliage and landscape patterns. Combining durability and convenience, Ray Padula Select It! Supreme Stationary Sprinklers boast an all metal/ABS plastic design, an easy "Twist-A-Pattern," pattern selection dial, stabilizer spikes to eliminate tipping, and a unique "pop-up" 2-in-1 design. Select It! Supreme – designed to fit your budget as easily as it fits your landscape.

Ray Padula RP-BPTS The Pulse Brass Pulsating Sprinkler on Telescopic 52-Inch Tripod

We're not quite sure how to describe them. "Ultimate?" Value. Quality. Longevity. A pulsating sprinkler line that will last for as long as you own your home. Designed with longevity in mind, Ray Padula brass PULSE pulsating sprinklers are constructed of 100% brass (unlike the competition's partial zinc construction). The spray flap and adjustment dial, varying the water stream from 21' to 48' combined with an extremely steady rotation speed provides for unparalleled water application. Looking for a pulsating sprinkler that will last for as long as you own your home? You've found it.

Yard Butler TSS-36 Tripod Sprinkler Stand

Our Tripod Sprinkler Stand fits any 1/2-inch sprinkler. T-fitting allows two or more units to be connected on the same line. Ultra-sturdy stand is 36 inches tall. Ideal for the professional landscaper as well as the avid backyard gardener and homeowner. Yard Butler guarantees all Yard Butler tools for life against any defects in manufacturing or materials.

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